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Handmade Custom Teacup Wreath Shabby Chic Handcrafted Wreaths, Books and GiftsWhen I stand before God at the end of my life,
I would hope that I would have not a single bit of talent left,
And could say…
I used everything you gave me.

Erma Bombeck

Teacup Gardens is the result of a dream that never faded, and is truly the delight of my heart…..

I have been designing for over thirty years now, and firmly believe that it has been my love of older, gentler times that has inevitably influenced my work the most, and none would be more evident than the beauty and romance of the Victorian era. Long before I took an art class or even knew how to design, and with not a notion of what I would do with these precious treasures, I was a young girl collecting wonderful vintage laces, fabrics, buttons and jewelry. But my greatest love however was always old china, especially from the 1800’s and early 1900’s. I find each and every one to be a wonderful masterpiece, allowing me to dream, design and bring to life all that my little romantic heart can imagine. They have and will always be created with my personal passion for Victorian romance and femininity.

A good portion of my collections of china wares are vintage and antique, making each wreath wonderfully unique and typically one of a kind. I believe the artists back then just seemed to have had an incredible style and talent truly unique to their time. Their artful designs were simply stunning and incredibly beautiful. And so it has been my endeavor to revive them all, by once again giving them new life and purpose in such a unique way, that it may edify and capture their beauty forever…

So may I invite you to rest a while, pour yourself a cup of tea, and take a relaxing stroll through our pages, you may just find something that will make your heart smile.

~Blessings ~

Janet Marie

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